The SPLENDA® Story

For years, we have loved hearing your sweet stories of how you’ve used SPLENDA® No-Calorie Sweetener to improve your lifestyle. So, we thought we’d share our story with you.

The SPLENDA® Story

Sucralose – the diabetic friendly sugar substitute - was first discovered in the United Kingdom. Researchers from the University of London collaborated with sugar company Tate & Lyle to research a newly found sugar substitute called sucralose. Not only did the research team discover that sucralose was oh-so deliciously sweet, but they also found that it contained absolutely no calories!

Unlike some low-calorie sugar substitutes, researchers found that sucralose could replace sugar in a number of ways - from cooking up delicious deserts to baking in the oven. After months of dedicated research & development, a true low-calorie, diabetic friendly sugar alternative was born.

Since then, we have worked directly with Tate & Lyle to bring this wonderful sugar substitute directly to the people. This way, our customers who wanted to cut calories without compromising on taste could still stir up their favourite sugar-free sweet treats guilt free!

But as always, safety first.
After sifting through acres of research and years of development, our own team of specialists have come to one conclusion – this diabetic friendly, sugar substitute is safe for everyone.

On top of that, the Food and Drug Administration has happily agreed, approving its use in the US since 1991. The now known sugar alternative SPLENDA® - named for its splendidly sweet taste – is packed and ready to be sent to shops all across the country.