SPLENDA® tastes so much like sugar for a very important reason. All our products contain sweet-tasting sucralose – a no-calorie, diabetic friendly alternative to sugar.

It’s not sugar, but it is. We start with pure cane sugar grown in the likes of Hawaii, Australia, Florida & Singapore. From there, our sugar goes through an amazing transformation - from ordinary, run-of-the-mill cane sugar to an extraordinarily healthy sugar alternative.

Our extremely high quality standards for SPLENDA® No-Calorie Sweetener involves an extensive purification process, with more than 50 different daily quality checks carried out in the United States and Italy. Our dedicated specialists ensure that every batch of sucralose is up to scratch, so that our sugar substitute always achieves the same great taste.

Sucralose - the generic name for the sugar alternative in SPLENDA® No-Calorie Sweetener - is simple. It’s an intense, high quality, diabetic friendly sugar substitute that’s friendly for all. Want to know more? Ask SPLENDA®