Delicious recipes...

made with SPLENDA® Sugar Alternative!

30 minutes

Lavender Pudding

How about continuing your day in zen mode? 💜 Then make sure to try this lavender pudding!

5 minutes

Ginger Soft Drink (Mocktail)

Looking for a refreshing cocktail that's easy to make? This cocktail with ginger and mint is simple and healthy!

15 minutes

Burj Al-Arab Smoothie

Creamy, full of healthy fats and perfect for summer: try the Burj Al-Arab Smoothie!

5 minutes

Pistachio Milkshake

If you avoid consuming high-calorie milkshakes, try this pistachio milkshake we prepared with SPLENDA®!

10 minutes

Matcha Mojito

It is definitely possible to make your own matcha mojito, which will amaze everyone with its eye-catching deep green colour, at home with SPLENDA®!

50 minutes

Yoghurt Cake

No one will believe that this soft, fluffy and delicious homemade yoghurt cake is sugar-free!

60 minutes


Qatayef is one of the reasons we love Ramadan so much! Did you try it with SPLENDA®?

60 minutes

Lemon Cake

This Lemon Cake, which will enchant you with its slightly moist texture and heartwarming scent of lemon, is both delicious and low-calorie thanks to SPLENDA®!

5 minutes

Blue Tea (Butterfly Pea Flower Tea)

Known for its magic blue colour and high antioxidant content, it is also possible to drink blue tea with zero calories!

SPLENDA® Brand Tip

SPLENDA® Brand Tip

Add some SPLENDA® Sweeteners to your favourite beverages!